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Welcome to share our love to Karelia and Karelians

The aim of love.Karelia project  is simple:

we want to help as many people as possible and invite you to join us


Buy&support craftsmen

We know tonns of talented craftsmen in Karelia who produce amazing artistic stuff. We want to help them to find new customers and earn money for their art-craft


Discover Karelian abudance 

We know that our land is full of rare minerals, healthy berries and herbs. We want to offer people living in Europe quality and totally eco-friendly goods from Karelia

Buy&help people in need

We want to help single moms and aged people from Karelian village.

We will organize the delivery of food boxes, firewood and other presents to them after selling each love.Karelia set 

Summer sale

Who we are and what we want


Natalie Vdovıtcyna 

a dreamer , a traveller, a yoga-addict, web&graphic designer with 20 years experience, an internet marketing specialist, who was also born in Karelia and is living in Turkey now. 



Olga Ivanova-Muller 

a muse, a wife, a travelling firebird,

a dancer, an experienced Red-cross volonteer, a successful event-manager and even more successful business lady, who was born in Karelia and has been living in Switzerland for 13 years already.


Summer sale 2021

Unique Karelian MudRA-chai 

picked up manually on the day of summer solstice

- ivan-chai rich with vitamin C and minerals

- double amount of berries: cloudberry, raspberry and blueberry/сowberry

- magic tea, picked up on a special day,  makes your dreams come true

Set of 9 tea packs 

(3 x raspberry + 3 x cloudberry + 3 x blueberry/сowberry)

Price: 56 EUR / 61 CHF / 4900 RUB

Charity donation and mail expenses included

  We both share the principle  

  'Think global, act local'  

We have been friends and associates for many years. Since we share the same life philosophy and now decided to launch common project connected with Karelia, our beautiful motherland in the North-West of Russia.

— Our idea is to give work to Karelian producers and talented craftsmen as well as to the ordinary local people who work as the coordinators of love.Karelia project.

— At the same time we aim to support single moms and aged people with your help. We make the process of delivering help as transparant as possible: our coordinators will shoot and send photo and video report about every act of sharing love.

— Right now we are delivering food boxes to the ones who need it. We update the info abоut those people from our own sources: local administrations of Karelian villages, layers who work with single moms, doctors etc.

— Our plan is to give special presents for the New Year and Christmas, 9th of May and 1st of September. Join us to make more people happy!


Welcome to share our love

to Karelia!

Who we are
Think global, act local
Love.Karelia sets

We offer you to buy a nice eco-friendly present from Karelia and help the needy ones

We like simple but quality stuff, which are 100% eco-friendly and organic. For the people who share the same ideas we have prepared tasty Karelian ivan-chai, unique designer cups, organic costemitic sets, natural wooden boards and many more!


All the sets which we offer right now can be found in our Instagram @love.karelia

Vip-set for super sponsor

200 packs of Karelian Pu'er with forest berries in exclusively designed package with the logo of your company. Promote your company and make super-donation! We bet, your customers would be happy to recieve healthy tea instead of unnecessary magnets, folders of caps  :)

PRICE: 998€

all included

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love.Karelia 2021

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